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Valvebag's Description and Dimensions

The explast produces valvebags of excellent durability and quality, printed (by brand) or unprinted in many dimensions.

The production lines, adapted to the market demand, produce valvebags which width ranges from 380 to 400 mm and its height from 420 to 700 mm.

In the production of unprintable valvebags, the width and height can be diversified with 10 mm, while in the production of printed valvebags, the width can differentiated by 10 mm and the differentiation in height can be per 50 mm. In any case we can product different sizes of valvebags if the order is great.

The valvebag is made with materials which are of high quality and specially formulated giving the bag a unique resistance even when falling from a conveyor, tipper truck etc. The strength of valvebag is so amazing that you will not believe in your eyes! See the stress test or ask us to send you free samples of valvebag to see the amazing strength.

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