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Das Ventil

Das Ventil ermöglicht das Befüllen von Materialien, jedoch nicht das Austreten von Materialien. (D. h. wenn der Ventilsack mit Material gefüllt ist, schliesst sich das Ventil automatisch und verhindert das Austreten des Inhaltes.)

The valve is specially constructed and consists of three plastic films of different thicknesses which provide very high impermeability, making valve bag ideal for packaging pulp and thick paste.

Description and operation of the valve

The green film creates the entrance of the valve.
The green film creates the entrance of the valve.
The blue film made of thicker material, accepts pressure and fold over, sealing the entrance of the valve to avoid leakage.
The white sheet of film which fits between the two colored ones, is made of thin material, so that when put under pressure a membrane is created, tightly sealing the valve to keep the bag as watertight as possible.
explast bags are the only ones currently in production in Greece. These bags have a valve, made from three plastic films of various thick nesses, which has a folding seal to keep the bags as watertight as possible.

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