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Welcome to eXplast !

The Company

explast is a company that specializes exclusively in the sector of experts products of packing as plastic valvebag. (Bag with valve which can pack materials in powder, granules or pulp like quick lime or hydrated lime, etc.)

The valvebag is made with materials which are of high quality, specially blended and fully recyclable. Moreover, they are produced according to a new technology, extruder co-ex that makes the bag unimaginably strong at stress or drops, such as by conveyor, tipper truck etc.

The long-term research, the knowledge, the continuous quality checks, our highly trained staff and the long experience above in our object, us give the possibility to you of offering valvebags of high specifications and quality in exceptional prices.

The manufacture of our products takes place in modern facilities with fully automated production lines of large production capacity unique to Greece. The high productivity allows us to give directly the products to our customers and gives our company a strong international orientation, exporting nearly 60% of production.

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